Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Journal 9 Ali

I absolutely loved this movie and how much of an impact the teacher was having on these kids. This movie gave me hope for the future generations, that everyone is an American; and that everyone deserves to be treated equally. The way he taught these kids was something completely abnormal to me. When I was in elementary I wasn't one of the best students. And many of my teachers seemed to give up on me, like what happened to Alan. Rafe allowed his students many opportunities. These fifth graders went on two field trips out a state; they also met many celebrities. The importance I learned about setting goals for yourself is incredible. Most of the kids in Rafe's classroom lived in bad neighborhoods,and lived with family members who consumed drugs. Rafe stated "all children deserve an equal opportunity". This made a big impact on me. I totally agree with this statement, regardless from where you came from everyone deserves to be treated equal. My personal goal for next year is to attend main campus and continue success in being a child psychologist. Rafe stated "The good ones don't give up". And I won't.

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