Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal 9: The Hobart Skakespearians

After watching the film The Hobart Shakespearians I came to the conclusion that there needs to be more willing teachers like that in our education system that actually care.  I think once you invest in an individual or a group and show them you care you individually gain from it to.

Growing up through highschool unlike now i was the troublemaking kid that always caused problems no matter what and some teachers just sent me to the office, but some teachers showed me true mercy and hospitality by mentoring me and relating with me. Showing kindness and that you care for somebody can go alot farther than just disciplining them.

One thing I would like to do through youth ministry in the future is be more of a teacher like this more than I already like to believe I am.

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  1. I also agree that teachers should be more like Rafe because it will help the education system and will help students learn more subjects that are helpful.


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