Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Journal 9 By Jami Riegel

The documentary we watched called " The Hobart Shakespearian" was a great short film. The teachers name is Rafe Esquith. While I was watching this I kept thinking about how my youngest son would really benefit from this teacher. He is gifted and he needs someone to motivate and challenge him. He really doesn't have that at Harding. Rafe Esquith seems to really challenge his students by making them study at school and at home as well. Also having them give up TV and video games and having them read more.
                 When I was in 3rd grade the school I went to wanted to hold me back but my mom would not hear of it so she decided to home school me. She did that from my 4th grade year till my 8th grade year. At the time I loved it. I could do school work in my pajamas and wake up whenever. But being pretty much thrown into high school in the long run I don't think it helped me because I am shy and can't talk in front of people(class)with out feeling sick. I didn't get that chance to learn how to handle that. But he gets these kids to do a hard play and even gets them to understand what they are reading.
                  Setting goals and having expectations for your future is so important. When I was younger instead of having the goal to go to school(mainly because I did not know what I wanted to do as a career)and further my education I chose raising my children to be great human beings, to work hard in school rand in life, to be polite, and to respect people. I will never regret my decision.
                  Rafe says to his students" To always be nice and work hard" just like I tell my kids. My goal for the next year is to finish this school year and help my son with school. He is so smart but does not push himself like he should.


  1. Hey Jami, I think it's so neat to see how you care for your son in the sense of wanting him to be pushed more. It's really inspiring to see a mom like you go to school and also have a family. I love how you believe in your son and will make sure he will be pushed and believe in himself to do great things!

  2. Jami I love your post you are so sweet. It is amazing how you work so hard in school and that you are also raising children. I think Rafe is an amazing teacher and I wish there were more like him. I know your son would benefit very much with Rafe's teachings but I know he will do just fine with a mother like you!


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