Monday, October 5, 2015

Journal 7 by Gabbie Schilling

My favorite character from the book would be Esther, because she pushes Ishmael to be a better person, and to accept his time in the war and grow from it. She doesn't make Ishmael feel alone.She acts as a sister towards him and I believe that is really helpful to him and is what he needs for a better outcome during his rehabilitation. Ishmael says "I began to look forward to Esther's arrival in  the afternoons". This shows an impact on Ishmael's attitude because when first arriving at the camp he didn't want to associate with any of the staff members there. But now he is being to act more like a child he never got to be, and Esther has helped him tremendously to get him to this point in his rehabilitation.
I feel that Ishmael has made an amazing turn-around during his stay at the camp. He is now able to be civilized and enjoy life better than before. He is off of drugs and is able to be "human" again. I think that people do have the ability to change, and Ishmael is proof of that. He went from an innocent child, to a fearless child solider, to a now more mature young adult. I would be fine with the rehabilitated Ishmael moving into my neighborhood because he has made tremendous progress and I think that he would be able to adjust to living in the normal world again.
Ishmael has an amazing talent when it comes to visual details. In some parts of the book I can almost put myself in the situation. His ability to describe things is amazing. I can picture most of the stories he has told.
My favorite passage would be from chapter 19 as he is talking to man who is conducting his interview. The man asked  "Why do you think you should go to the UN to present the situation affecting children in this country? Ishmael responses with "Well, I am from the part of the country where I have not only suffered because of the war but I have also participated in it and undergone rehabilitation. So I have a better understanding, based on my experience of the situation..." I choose this passage because it shows that Ishmael has truly made tremendous progress with his rehabilitation and how much he has grown from his experience in the war.


  1. My favorite character is Esther too she really shows a lot of good characteristics and she is very concerned for Ismael.

  2. To me, your best paragraph is where you talk about Ismael rehabilitation. He has made huge improvements since he has first walked in to the center. I like how you mentioned that since hes off drugs he is human again. I also feel the same while allowing him to live in my neighborhood as long as he continues to get help.

  3. Hi Gabbie, To me, think your best paragraph is your first one, as I can relate to Esther being one of my favorite characters in the book because she plays such a crucial role in making sure the Ishmael comes out of his experience with as little damage as possible, and she did a lot to ensure she was doing just that. Ishmael even came to admit to loving her, but he never told her.


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