Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal 9 Philip Mattix

Watching the documentary film The Hobart Shakespearians  was awesome. It was great to see a teacher who who cared for his students. He taught them not only mathematics, geography,.... but also life skills that these children will use to further their academic careers and lives. Rafe has a very unique teaching style that causes the children to become more engaged in their school work. His class room is an environment where  striving for excellence is cherished. He sets up his students to succeed in the rest of their school years.  He has had students that go on to attend college at Princeton, Harvard and other colleges. He quoted " The real measure of teaching is where are these kids five years from now, ten years from now.'' Watching this documentary made me think about some of my favorite teachers in grade school and what I learned from them. Setting goals not only will help you complete the current task at hand, but also teaches you the skills and discipline to further your own career and develop your character.
   A personal goal I have set for my self is to stop using nicotine products. This habit is unhealthy and also expensive.

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