Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal 9 by Patrick Lynch

Watching The Hobart Shakespeareans has showed me a different side of education and had me thinking a lot about how schools are taught and also how Hobart elementary school compares to my elementary school. Its strange how schools are taught differently you would think the country would want to have a universal standard of teaching but with a country so diverse you need different teaching styles to accommodate that. Mr. Esquiths teaching style was one of the most unique ones I have ever seen. He teaches with such drive and motivation to make his students into successful people. He also describes his job as "Something I like doing, There are some bad days but in the end its worth seeing my students become successful students and people". I did think some of his techniques were a little unorthodox. Like when he slapped the kid even though he gave prior notice and asked if the kid was okay after hitting him I always thought that a teacher should never slap his student. It may have been unorthodox but I also thought maybe that it bridges the gap between a student and teacher. A lot of his techniques do this because it shows that the teacher is an actual person and cares for what his students do and accomplish. It shows that Mr Esquith doesn't have to be a teacher but also a life long friend.

The one thing that I saw that was different in my school was that the teachers supported each other more than the teachers in Hobart. In Hobart they started to resent Mr, Esquith instead they should have been supporting him and adopting his ways of teacher because he has proof that they work. I also noticed that their school looked different and was more diverse. I believe Hobart school has lot of positive stuff and I would of like to have some of them when I was in elementary school.

One thing that caught my eye during the movie was when Mr. Esquith discussed his class trips and how one of his former students that went to a college later in life helped Mr. Esquith set up a way to make money so his students could go on the trips. This reminded me of Cisneros and the theme of giving back to the community you came from because that community has played a significant role in shaping ones life. This is showed by the former student giving back to Mr. Esquith because Mr. Esquith showed the former student that his ways of teaching have worked and continue to work so he gave back to his former teacher because he wants future generations to continue to have the experiences Mr Esquith gives.

Next year I want to get my golf handicap down to a 10 so I can switch majors to professional golf management. I want to switch because I want to be able to play golf on a daily bases and have a career in it. Having a different major would limit my time that I can put towards golf which is the exact opposite of what I want to do.   


  1. I liked how Mr. Esquith wanted this kids to be successful and would always help the students if they didn't understand something. The shakesperian play that he does proves that this kids are becoming successful since he has flags all around his room about the different colleges his students went too. I hope that your golf handicap goes down to a 10 just keep working at it.

  2. I also thought Rafe's teaching style was unique. It was very interesting to see how and what he teaches his students.


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