Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Journal 8 By Jami Riegel

        The important thing I took from the video Marlboro Marine is how for some people it is extremely hard to come back home and be that same person they were before they went over seas. Killing people changes a person. That's what it did to James Blake Miller. He could not stop thinking about what happened over in Iraq and even had nightmares of looking down the barrel of his gun and shooting people. 
        He married the love of his life but he also needed to be alone. He states: "Where do I draw the line between the space I need for myself and how I communicate with other people? Trying to find that line is what drove me over the edge." He even went to D.C to talk to a congressman about PTSD but he blew Miller off and had his secretary tell him he didn't have time for him.  Everything took a toll on him and he contemplated suicide but his buddy Luis Sinco took him to a clinic in Connecticut for people that have PTSD but Miller only stayed there for 6 weeks. He needed to be home. After divorcing Jessica he joined a motorcycle group. It made him feel whole again, saying it made him feel like he was in the marine core again being around his buddies. 
         One way to help people with PTSD is instead of throwing them a party, sit down and ask them how they are doing, how are they feeling, and is there anything I can do to help. They just need someone to listen to them. They deserve that much after they risked everything for our country.

Holding On: What I thought was interesting about the hobo lifestyle is that there is a difference between hobos and bums. Hobos never worried about being broke because they could work for their food. When they would sleep at a place they called the "hobo jungle" there would be a collection of pots and pans and when they were done using them they would wash them up for the next group. They looked out for each other. Bums would only look out for themselves and beg people for money.
If I were out of work and had no car I would stay with any of my husbands family because they would do anything for us. Just until I found a job and saved enough money for a cheap car and home. 

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  1. It is really sad to see that his relationship with Jessica came to end because of PTSD. He is just one example of many families that PTSD has ruined a family. This need to stop and by being there for these veterans hopefully the number of families falling apart decrease. I also didn't realize that there is a difference between hobos and bums. I always thought they were the same. It was neat to see in the reading even though these hobos are alone they still form a community like the hobo jungle.


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