Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Journal 9-Kyle Smith

I thought this was a great thing to make into a movie. We need to have more teachers like him. These people exist that can show the love and care that is needed. I had a teacher like this in second grade. My Teachers name was Mrs. Hupp. Seeing all the bond between student to student and students to teacher. It made a feeling of warmth inside. It made me think about doing homeless meals. Seeing them happy made me happy making the feeling of warmth inside.

The importance of a goal is to make something that is quantitative, it has to be measurable. The goal has to be specific to the person. His goal was to change his habits, not for him but his students. He started getting involved in the students lives. Having fun with them but teaching them life lessons.

The goal for next year is to become more active in student life/ community. Join a couple of groups that I can go to every week to become more socialized.

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