Monday, October 19, 2015

Journal 8 By Daniel Van Dyke

Marlboro Marine was a video about a Marine named Blake who suffers from PTSD because of the attack in Fallujah Iraq. This video was done by Luis Sinco a journalist of the Los Angeles Times. The one thing i noticed in the video is that PTSD doesn't only effect Blake it also harms his family. He was married to Jessica for only two years. He loved her but at the same time wanted to be left alone. We see in the video Blake would isolate himself and Jessica would be around him trying to be there for him. Blake felt bad that he put Jessica through that and didn't want her to go through it any more. This lead to them getting a divorce.

One idea I have to provide more support to the veteran community is to provide more consoling at the work place and universities. With this groups we could have meetings and let the veterans talk about what they are feeling and let them know that their is people who care about them. The only problem with this is that the veteran him/her self has too make the decisions where they want the help.

In Holding On it talks about a hobo lifestyle. One thing that surprise me was that hobos and bum were two different things. Hobos wanted to work for food or money and cleaned after them selves like not leaving trash. Where a bum doesn't want to work for food they want things to be given to them for nothing. The hobos also seem to be a class higher than the bums because they are willing to work.

If i was out of work and had to basically start over i would try and find a safe community where people would welcome me in to their community. I would try to find a Church or a group that would help me get off my feet and right away i need to find a job. Since i don't have an address and can't fill out the paper work to get a normal job this leaves jobs that are only labor intensives like taking care of someone yard. I know this will be tough but after while i would be able to get back on my feet.

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  1. i had the same idea basically about helping the vets. just basically be there for them and give them an ear and just have them talk and know that someone is listening and out there caring for them.


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