Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Journal 9: The Hobart Shakespearians By Christian Poncsak

After watching, The Hobart Shakespearians I became encouraged to realize something that I struggle with which is having the determination to do something in life that can be done by one's own set of mind and ignoring all the possibilities of failure that can come with it. Seeing Rafe's class of young elementary school aged children learn Shakespeare which is hard to grasp made me realize that failing doesn't have to exist according to one's own set of mind. I felt determined and empowered to go do what I want to accomplish in my life no matter what my current situation may happen to be. These kid's aren't growing up in a good part of Los Angeles and they for user aren't going to let where they come from label them.

I had a great elementary school experience. I had teacher's that really encouraged me to be different in the sense of not conforming to societies standards. I teacher that I will never forget is my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Kraft. She pushed me and encouraged me like no other teacher prior or afar has and she was my biggest fan. She wanted to see me grow as a learner and a person. I use to be a special need's student on an IEP program and because of her as my teacher in fourth grade I had gotten off of the program which is hard to get off of and she cried tears of joy when I was taken off of the IEP program.

What I learned about setting goals and expectations from the film was that to never set your goals to where your comfortable with them. Let them be big goals that scare the socks off of you! One thing that I loved about the film, The Hobart Shakespearians was the goals the children made at the end of touring UCLA's campus. Rafe said to the kid's, "Don't be ordinary, be extraordinary." He wanted the kid's to not be conformed because he wanted them to think "outside" the box about life.

I DEFINITELY know that a specific goal I would like to accomplish within the next year is starting the  steps to creating a very successful business. I am absolutely determined to create something that better's the world through laughter and blissfulness. I am planning to take an idea I've been experimenting with and go full throttle with making it into a brand name. I hope to have it only be regional and not national. I want to have control over the product and the operations so I know if it goes any further then I loose some of that control. This is what I plan to accomplish within the next year. The building blocks to making it go bigger than I could imagine.


  1. I also used to be in the IEP program and know how much work it takes to get out. I didn't get out of the program until in high school. As each year went by little by little I worked my way out of it. I was really happy when i finally got out and i know that without the help of my teachers i wouldn't have been able too. That is a great goal to have I wish you luck on your business and hope everything works out.

  2. I also feel that the movie has gave me a sense of encouragement and drive to do something in my life that I would usually think I'm not able to do. I also like your goal because have a business sounds pretty exciting.


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