Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Journal 11 - Kyle Smith

In the picture used for the profile of Dr, Hepcat, was a book that by the look of it is about the language he used as a radio host called jive. It was a secret language, used mostly by African Americans that they would use, so the common person didn't know what they were speaking. It was their own hidden language and they would use it on the radio broadcasting. This is important because this was commonly used through the 40's and 50's by jazz musicians and radio shows. 
This is what he was holding on the picture for the profile.

Example of Jive:
     Swellelegant: wonderful, marvelous.
     Flip the grip: to shake hands.
     Homey: a person from one’s home town.

He was also a reverend later in his life after his 15 years in the radio business. He tied his reverend days with his days as a Baseball caster. " I can talk about the lord now just like baseball then" (pg 179) I thought this was interesting because the fact that he even put these two things in the same sentence. Its to show his passion is very great for everything he is done through his life.

In history it was first Colored rights and this mostly effected African Americans and then later down the road it was womens rights. A big thing that happened recently was gay marriage rights but some still are excluded from this. Its hard to live in a society where you are seen as a small person.

An Important theme is the fact he knew he was going to have a hard time as a colored person to make it in the real world. '' Course, you knew it was kind of tough-- to be black on a white mans radio'' This was extremely tough during this time period but he stuck with it and did make it and was very successful. At the end of this profile he says being one of the few to do this he inspired many people. "He says he keeps the door open for people to come along in to make progress into a changing time." also included on this page was. "You cannot stop progress" (pg 180) This is especially true when it is for the greater good and you should fight for what you deserve and don't give up on it.


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