Monday, August 31, 2015

Journal Two from Sydney

My name is Sydney Alspach. I graduated from Wynford High School last year. I plan to major is Early Childhood Education. I enjoy spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends on my spare time. I really enjoy playing sports, volleyball is my favorite sport but I will play just about anything. I really enjoy the beach, this year my family, boyfriend and uncles family vacation to Destin, Florida. We had such an amazing trip that my mom already scheduled our vacation there for next year.

The theme that really stood out to me in the book A Long Way Gone was family. It stood out to me because I didn't agree what the step mother is doing to the kids father. She doesn't want him to be around the children, which to me makes no sense at all. I would think you would want your husband to be around their kids because that is what is important to him and his kids. It is important to be involved with your family because to me, family is the most important thing in my life. I couldn't imagine my life without my parents.

My boyfriend Nick and I in Santa Rosa Beach in Destin, Florida this summer.


  1. Cute Picture and I agree with you about the book

  2. I highly agree with your take on the way the step monster is treating the father in the beggining of the book (see what i did there ^ ). Family really is everything and we take it for granted sometimes which is what i think is occurring here in the beginning of the story. I hope as the storyt goes on we see a change and these problems arent faced all the time. Cant wait to here more from you sounds like an awesome vacation.

  3. Family is definitely a crucial theme in this book. It's sad to see how the step-mother is trying to divide the father and his child. Family is very important during a time like this that everyone is going through in regards to the rebels attacks. If we don't have family then what do we have? The togetherness of a family will get people through this time.


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