Monday, August 31, 2015

Journal Two From Gunnar

Im Gunnar, I graduated from North Union High School in 2013.  I grew up my whole life racing motocross and eventually raced professionally. After some medical issues I slowed down that fast paced life and started focusing on something a little more long term. I plan on attending Ohio State Marion for the next two years and eventually transfer to main campus to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering.  

Training in Georgia Spring 2015
In the very beginning of "A Long Way Gone" you learn very quickly of the depth of description it reaches.  You also learn the very pace of the book and tone that the author sets.  The theme of this is set by the environment described.  Its very fast paced and i enjoyed that because it kept it interesting and did not drag on like a lot of other books I have recently read.


  1. Hey Gunnar, what year is that bike? I have a 1999 KTM EXC 350, and I love motorcross bikes.

  2. I agree with the pace of the book. It's very fast and I greatly enjoy it because it definitely keeps you on your toes when reading how the story unfolds. On page 1 of the first chapter it said, "It was evident they had seen something that plagued their minds, something that we would refuse to accept if they told us all of it." This book, A Long Way Gone leaves little intriguing sentences like the one I just stated above making the story even more enticing to read. The first page written by the author, Ishmael Beah in a true way since the story was about her.

    1. Christian ! Thanks for the reply! Those sentences are very intriguing and very powerful start to a book, which i was not expecting when i began to read on page 1. Awesome point of view you presented and cannot wait to hear more discussion between us as the book goes on!

  3. I also agree about the pace of the book cause I always bored while reading but this helps keep my attention


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