Monday, August 31, 2015

Journal Two From Patrick

Hi I'm Patrick lynch and I came from Marysville Ohio. I really like to play golf. For me golf is a way to challenge myself mentally and physically. I'm also a very shy person so I probably want talk much besides answering questions. I came to Marion campus because my act scores where to low for main campus. I plan to transfer to main campus in the next year or two. I plan to major in criminology because I've always like to investigate. My dream job would be in the C.I.A but probably wont happen since I don't speak other languages.  
Me in the newspaper from one of my first tournaments 

The theme that stood out the most for me in a long way gone is family. This stood out because when the rebels attack, Ishmael had the courage to stay and wait for his family to come back even though he knew that danger was coming.  This theme is important to me because in times of need I don't like to abandon my family. It is also important to me because my family means a lot to me because they support and help me through life.


  1. Nice picture in the paper and also i feel the same about my family.

    1. With the attacks the boys witnessed its most likely going to have some psychological effect. As we read in the book were Ishmael had a hard time telling the difference between dreams and real world.

  2. I agree with what you say. I couldn't imagine the traumatic experience they had coming to see family hurt or even dead. I would not be able to pursue my dreams without my family being there to support me. I will never abandon and will be there for my family in need. They made me the person I am today.

  3. I agree about the family I said the same thing in mine too, I'm close to my family and it's very important


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