Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 11- Estelle

 I choose to analyze the stories of Jim Bishop and Lydia Emery. Both stories are written in First person with an introduction of where and when they were interviewed. These are short passages, but very detailed with what they talk about for each person. The picture of Jim Bishop really captures his story. When he was younger he always had such an interest in the mountains he could see from his backyard. When the opportunity was given he bought two-in-a-half acres of land at the age of 15 in those mountains. He started to build a stone cabin there after he dropped out of high school and turned it into a castle. In the picture they have him staring off into the mountains from his castle. They make it look like he was finally able to see whats on the other side since he was on top of the world.

In today's world doctors do not charge you just a dollar to be looked at. Many would think that that is crazy. Lydia Emery holds onto the fact that she believes your health is more important than the amount of money being put into your pocket from your patients. She says, "The qualities like a sound basis of knowledge and good clinical judgement and diagnostic acuity and empathy and compassion- that's what medicine is about." Doctors today seem to forget about this and they really need to remember this. There are so many people who die because they are unable to afford to go and see a doctor. In my opinion that is completely messed up and one of the main things wrong with our world. Bishop talks about how he does what he does because he wants to be recognized. The people need it. He wants to try and bring people around him because if he didn't then everything he has ever worked on for the castle would be just a pile of rocks. It would be useless. In today's world many people only think about themselves, Bishop tries to think of his community. People should try to do this more often otherwise towns are just going to keep dying off because people are leaving them.

One question I had in the reading was what made Jim decide he didn't want to charge people to see his life's work? I looked it up and found out why. As a kid he wasn't able to go to many attractions because of the cost for the whole family. With his attraction being free anyone would be able to come and not have to worry about price. Therefore he put out a donation box so people could donate and he could continue to make it larger and keep adding onto the castle.  He even put it in legal documents that his castle will remain free of charge as long as it stands. He strongly believed in the American Dream and what America was built off of. He doesn't want this to change. Its what he holds onto.

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  1. I thought it was pretty crazy she only charged a dollar too bad doctors visits today doesn't cost a dollar. I have the same question about Bishop I would of thought he would want to make money after his childhood being poor.

  2. I thought the same was towards the picture as well. The picture also made me want to look up more about the castle and what it looks like today. I would also agree that doctors today need to be more about treating patients and less for the money.

  3. I really like Lydia's approach to medicine. She really isn't about the money. I also noticed that she doesn't have the abbreviations Dr. before her name. She isn't about titles I also noticed which is so encouraging to see. She is a true and genuine person who loves what she does and is great at it.

  4. I agree with you on the picture. He looks so proud of his accomplishments. I want to do my own research on him to see if he built other buildings because I have been in a building almost exactly like that in that same town in Colorado. It was beautiful


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