Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Journal 10 Estelle

As of now my active reading is going a lot better then it was when I originally started marking in my books. I am able to remember most of the material and see what the story of the person is about by reading what I highlighted. There are a few strengths of this book in my opinion. First, I think they way the author presents these peoples stories is very interesting. He does something different for each person. Each story is unique, I also really enjoy reading about these people because they're real and not just some made up fictional character. You can relate and see how the history in the United States has occurred. None of his words are sugar coated or revised because they believe its too much for the kids to handle like they do to actual history books.I don't really see anything wrong with this book yet.

I picked Geneva Tisdale and Sylvia Rivera. Both of these people faced challenging obstacles throughout their lives. They both stand up for themselves in some type of way to get where they want to be. Geneva stood up for herself with her job compared to Sylvia who stood up for drag queens. Both of these people were harassed in their younger years because of the way they are.The story of Sylvia is a bit more dramatic and involved compared to Geneva. Sylvia's mom killed herself and her grandmother blamed her for having to live with her. She was in the streets at 10 trying to sell herself for sex. She fully made her transition as a drag queen and was very upset with her own life. Geneva just had to deal with racism and not being able to do certain things at her job because of her skin color. They were both involved with a movement. Geneva was the first African American to sit at the counter at her job while Sylvia was involved in a riot to start the gay rights movement.

Both of these stories are told from their perspective in first person. The major difference is in Sylvia's story, it involves another man who was a cop. It told both parts of their experiences from opposing sides.

I researched drag queens. Drag queens are normally males who dress and act over exaggerated as females.There is also drag kings. This is were women preform male roles and attire. People people drag queens for many different reasons. They are exploring themselves and seeing what they like vs. dont. There are quite a few jobs for drag queens; performing on stages, gay pride parades, pageants,or venues. Some host nightclubs. Some people view this as an act of art because you completely transform yourself into someone else.


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