Monday, October 5, 2015

Journal 7- Estelle

Many of the people that have been mentioned have had many significant purposes but in my opinion the character that has had the most is Esther. She didn't have to but chose to become a nurse and help these kids at the hospital from the rehabilitation programs. She is patient and understanding. She was able to get Ishmael to open up and realize the events that happened in the war were not his fault. After that he was able to finally get his mind away from the war and move on with his life. Ishmael states, "I had always hated it- I began that day to believe it. It was the genuine tone in Esther's voice that made the phrase finally begin to sink into my mind and heart". Because of Esther, Ishmael underwent a change that he probably thought would never happen. 

I feel like each person is different and the amount of time they were in the war would affect their progress in being able to pull away from that terrible life. Ishmael did some terrible things but he was able to come out of it. He was a good person for the most part before he went in from what I read. If he was related to me I would want to do what his uncle did and be able to see how he acts before I would let him live with me. But if that wasn't the case, I would still be fine with him in my neighborhood because at least he went to the rehabilitation center and got help. If someone were to say they wouldn't want him living there because he was in the war that would be like saying you wouldn't want one of our veterans to live by us because they were in war. Yes, it might be a little bit different but not every veterans hands are clean. Some of them have had to do horrible things and witness horrible things as well. You can't hold someones past against them unless they were someone like Hitler. 

One of the active reading spots that I marked was when Ishmael talks about the speeches he gave at Freetown. For example, "Not more than a week later, I was talking at gatherings in Freetown about child soldiering and how it must be stopped. 'We can be rehabilitated,' I would emphasize, and point to myself as an example. I would always tell people that I believe children have the resilience to outlive their sufferings, if given a chance.". I really liked this passage because it showed hoped. It shows that they can be saved and aren't just killing machines. He was trying to inform people that this can happen. 

My favorite passage is when Ishmael says, " I smiled back and forgot about my loneliness for the time being." He says this because of Esther. He was finally putting his guard down and letting someone in. That had to take a lot for him to do especially after everything he has been through. 


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  2. I think your best paragraph is where you talk about Esther because she had such an amazing contribution to the rehabilitation of Ishmael. I don't know if he would have been as successful with his rehabilitation without Esther. I agree with you in the fact that Ishmael at least made the effort to go to rehab and was able to be successful, and even if he hadn't been as successful I would still be fine with him living in my neighborhood.

  3. To me, I thought your best paragraph was the first, as it clearly describes how crucial Esthers kindness and patience was able to breakthrough to him, even after he thought there was nothing that would get through to him. But Esther managed to, and that is an incredible feat.


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